Half Brothers: All You Ever Wanted to Know

Half Brothers: All You Ever Wanted to Know

Half Brothers is an American movie in which Luis Gerardo Méndez, José Zúñiga, and Connor Del Rio are the main actors. Follow the signs. We are releasing the trailer for Half Brothers soon. It is about brothers who meet for the first time. One brother has a different dad than the other. They feel like they know each other, but they don’t know much about each other’s lives because they were separated when they were young.

The movie looks at different points, for example, passing, surrender, and movement. But it also matches the difficult minutes with amusing parody. Cherished it and it touched your heart in the best way possible. Alicia Malone is in a movie with Half Brothers. She went to New Mexico.

The movie is 96 minutes long. It made over $2,200,000. The film’s rating is “PG-13”, according to the MPAA system. Principal photography began in New Mexico on July 31, 2019, and lasted for 31 days.

What is the release date of Half Brother?

Since COVID-19 is coming, the release dates of the movie sometimes change. Make sure to check back for the most up-to-date upcoming release date.

This movie is called “Half Brothers.” It was scheduled to be released on December 4, 2020, in the United States and distributed by Focus Features.

What is the plot of Half Brother?

In 1994, Renato’s father, Flavio, came to the US in search of a job. He promised he would come back soon but he didn’t. Twenty-five years later, Renato is a successful executive of an aviation company in Mexico. He is engaged to Pia, who already has a son called Emilio. Another woman named Katherine contacts Renato and says she is Flavio’s wife. The woman tells Renato that Flavio is very sick and wants him to come to see Flavio, his father. Renato is still angry at his father for never returning all those years ago, but he goes to see Flavio without really wanting to.

Half Brothers' Review: Distant Relations - The New York Times

A man named Asher is at a coffee shop. He tries to make a video about getting free coffee. When the man doesn’t have money, he asks Renato to pay for his doughnuts and drink. But Renato says no, so he pays for everything on the counter instead.

Renato meets Flavio at the hospital for the first time in a long time. Asher walks into the room and turns out, he is Flavio’s son too. Flavio tells Renato and Asher that they are brothers. Both are unhappy but Flavio asks them to do one last favor. They need to find Eloise after they deliver the envelope to a man named Evaristo.

Renato goes to his father’s funeral. Asher tries to convince him to do what their father wanted, but Renato does not want to. He leaves the funeral and then turns around to tell Asher that he will pick him up from his hotel tomorrow to go.

Who will be starring in Half Brother?

Half Brothers - Plugged In

  • Luis Gerardo Méndez As Renato Murguía
  • José Zúñiga As Evaristo
  • Connor Del Rio As Asher Murguía
  • Vincent Spano As Mr. B
  • Shira Scott Astrof As American Reporter
  • Hayes Hargrove As Chatty Ride Pair Driver
  • Alma Sisneros As Sister Helen
  • JwaundaceCandece As Doris
  • Beatrice Hernandez As Sister Marisa
  • Howard Ferguson Jr. As Corrections Officer Frey
  • Teresa Decher As Barista Beatrice
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa As FlavioMurguía
  • Bianca Marroquin As TereMurguia
  • Ashley Poole As Katherine
  • Catherine Haun As Older Nun
  • Adam S. Ford As Prison Guard
  • Mike A. Salazar As Emilio
  • Efrain Villa As Edgar
  • Stephen R. Estler As The Foreman
  • Pia Watson As Pamela
  • Nohelia Sosa As Perla
  • Manny Rubio As Julio
  • Tomas Sanchez As a Pool player
  • Keith Allen West As Farmer
  • Stephanie Hill As Barmaid
  • Jesus Cris Acosta As Pool Player
  • Ian Inigo As Young Renato
  • Michael E. Stogner As Mad Farmer with Shotgun
  • Jason E. Hill As Bus Driver
  • Mona Malec As Irene
  • Alexander Alayon As Cameo
  • Mercedes Martinez As Diner Customer
  • Wanna Choy As Bus passenger
  • Carl Savoring As Factory Foreman
  • Andrew Olson As Young Asher
  • Vince Newton As Background – Funeral Attendee
  • Gabe Baca As a Factory worker
  • David Phifer As Mourner
  • Gonzalo Robles As Dancing Bar Patron

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