Often asked thoughts about leasing marquees

Often asked thoughts about leasing marquees

Decision of marquee and mounting spot

It is extremely crucial to know the space you will need. You have to know how to determine the most ideal dimension although leasing marquees. To consult with all the matters with our adviser click on listed here. We have gathered all the significant FAQs and their answers right here. 

How a lot does a marquee charge to employ?

It is not simple to give a trustworthy determine without having a specific research of the challenge but in basic, there is a spending plan of 10 to 25 € per individual seated depending on no matter if you want a floor, a cover, heating and so on.

Is my back garden large more than enough?

When you have identified the space required and picked the variety of products you are imagining of leasing, all you require to do is glimpse for a flat place with no trees or obstacles. To set up the tents, we want to be ready to transfer all over. Bear in mind to make it possible for a margin of one particular meter additional in all directions.

What are the supply constraints?

Dependent on the variety of tools, there are transport and body weight constraints which oblige us to transport the gear in heavy items motor vehicles, it is thus vital to supply immediate access to the web-site of the web site adapted to the form of transport indicated on the estimate. .

Our vehicles are somewhat large, so don’t forget to appear up to make certain there are no cables or branches blocking the way.


If it is not possible to directly accessibility the place of assembly, possibly the material will be transported by hand or a forklift rental will be requested.

Is it achievable to set up a marquee on sloping floor?

If you want to set up a marquee on somewhat sloping ground, you really should know that it is really doable. In this situation, the tables and chairs are positioned instantly on the floor and the marquee follows the slope.


It is more sophisticated when the ground has a massive gap, a huge bump or a phase. Not all the tents are able to be pitched on uneven terrain. Folding tents or pagodas, on the other hand, are rather capable of handling this sort of circumstance.


If the slope is steep, it is mandatory to mount a floor on a self-supporting metallic framework. The marquee is then mounted on the ground. This kind of assembly is complicated and represents an supplemental expense.

Is it probable to pitch a tent against a building?

Yes if it is feasible to deal with the tent the right way to the ground.


If you want to go from the making to the tent, pay out attention to the reality that the reception tents do not have a gutter to obtain rainwater coming down from the roof. If you want to have best air and h2o tightness, a certain junction will have to be produced but it will always call for that we fix factors on the facade.

Also pay back notice to the peak and direction of opening of the doors.


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