The Mandalorian Season 3 Release Date, Plot, and Star Cast

Disney had so many announcements at the Disney Investor Day 2020.  The most exciting was about Marvel and Pixar. But also,  the Star Wars universe is expanding in ways that even Yoda never could have imagined! The Mandalorian Season 3 is announced.

People in the Star Wars world got happy when they heard that Hayden Christensen would be back as Darth Vader.  But there was even more news. They will do a third season of  The Mandalorian, which is a TV show about people with swords from outer space.

This was not the best joke. But for people who like Mando and his friend, this is very good news. Here are all the details about The Mandalorian season three.

When Will The Mandalorian Season Three Be Released?

The good news is that there will be lots of Star Wars content in the future. The slightly bad news is that The Mandalorian Season 3 will return later, with it coming out on Christmas 2021. We know nothing else.

The next season of the show will follow The Book of BobaFett. This is very Mandalorian-adjacent news. It also means that more Star Wars spinoffs are coming to help you with your thirst.

What Will The Mandalorian Season Three Be About?

This is the fun part. I knew that in Season One, Mando would try to get Baby Yoda back to his people. But now in Season Two, Baby Yoda has gone and trained with Luke Skywalker and Mando’s path is less clear. Mando is at the Imperial base. Mando touched something called “the little guy”. Now, what should he do?

You would think that Baby Yoda and Mando will get back together again. They are the only good father-son relationship in all of Star Wars. I would be surprised if The Mandalorian had a lot of CGI in it. In this short cameo, the technology wasn’t the best. Disney can’t have this turning into a series with lots of bad CGIs.

The Mandalorian Season 3: Release Date Cast, Filming and Latest Update

The Imperial destroyer is not the only problem. Our heroes are taking care of Moff Gideon. We know that there will be more ahead, too. Variety interviewed Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Gideon in the series. They asked him if Gideon will return to the show. There is some tension between Bo-Katan and Mando because they both want the Darksaber. Even though there is a peaceful way to solve problems, it would not make for good storytelling. This sounds like it will be an important part of the story in the future.

The way that Lucasfilm left me in Season 2, one of the roads that could be gone down—absolutely, you’d think—would be the unfinished business. But this is too high for me to make decisions about it. You’ll have to wait and see what they come up with.

The Mandalorian could change for the better or worse. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’ll be fun to watch because anything can happen.

Who will be starring in it?

At this early stage, the cast for The Mandalorian season 3 is not set in stone. Pedro Pascal will be back as Din Djarin, but Grogu’s presence is currently not certain. This is because he was taken away by Luke Skywalker. Pascal is set to star in the TV show called The Last of Us. It will be a series on HBO. He will not finish filming until June 2022. Don’t be too worried though. With Mando’s face usually covered, Pascal can provide the voice for the character while someone else wears the Beskar on set. So these two TV series should not clash. The actor from the movie The Last of Us said at GalaxyCon that “we never have to wait on Pedro.” So, we can assume that The Last of Us will not cause any problems.

Esposito has said that he will be in the third season of “Gideon”. It is very frightening.

Sophie Thatcher is a writer who has written many books. She may be in the show The Mandalorian in Season 3. It is unknown what she will play, but she might also appear in another of her books that are about BobaFett.

The Mandalorian season 3 - release date, cast and plot

Carl Weathers is coming back as GreefKarga. He’ll also be directing too, as confirmed at Steel City Con. After the ending of The Mandalorian season 2, we can expect to see Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan again, especially with the Darksaber in Din’s hands. Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka could return too, but she also has an upcoming spin-off.

One person who is not in the series is Gina Carano’s Cara Dune. The consensus was that she would be one of the main characters in the upcoming Rangers of the New Republic spin-off. Carano will not be appearing in The Mandalorian season 3.

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