The Star Cast, Plot, Release Date And Early Reviews Of Halloween Kills

The Star Cast, Plot, Release Date And Early Reviews Of Halloween Kills

Halloween is an iconic horror movie franchise that has been around for decades. It’s no surprise, then, that Halloween Kills- a new Halloween movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer- would be the subject of much speculation. There are some changes from the original Halloween film, such as having Laurie Strode as a more seasoned woman fighting off Michael Myers (the masked killer). The movie also features more suspense and scares than its predecessors.

Release date of Halloween Kills:

The Halloween Kills has been released on 15th October 2021.

Cast and characters of Halloween Kills:

-Jefferson Hall as Budd: a drunken college student who gets kidnapped along with his friends.

-Kate Simses as Carlene: a Halloween fanatic, helps the others escape from the madman in exchange for her life.

-Spencer Daniels as Alex: an athlete and pro wrestler, he teams up with Jefferson to kill their captor once and for all after being saved from his Halloween costume.

-Rachele Brooke Smith is Alice: Halloween Kills movie, Halloween costume designer and friend of Autumn who is with her when she dies.

-Mike Nahr as Halloween Kills movie: a psychotic killer dressed up like Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise. He kills off one character after another throughout Halloween Kills until he is stopped by Alex and Jefferson.

-Matt Mercer as Jefferson: a Halloween Kills movie online Halloween costume designer Halloween costume, who was friends with Autumn.

-Alex Essoe as Autumn: a young woman that was friends with Halloween Kills and went missing for quite some time, before she showed up murdered in front of Jefferson’s store.

Plot details:

Halloween Kills is a horror movie about Halloween, of course. Halloween is the season of costumes, candy. It is a horror movie about an escaped serial killer who has been targeting Halloween for years. This year, Halloween has set its sights on a new victim – an unsuspecting family that just moved into town. It stars Donald Pleasence as Dr Sam Loomis and Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. In Halloween Kills, a group of friends go out on Halloween night to party and have some fun.


The Halloween star cast has been revealed. It includes Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role of Laurie Strode from the original Halloween film in 1978. Also joining her is Judy Greer who’s playing Karen Stroud, Danielle Harris as Allyson Nelson and Will Patton playing David Gordon.

Early Reviews:

While not much is known about Halloween Kills as of yet, critics who have seen the film state that it has all of the classic elements from previous Halloween films. It also appears to be a coming of age story for Michael Myers rather than another revenge movie.

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