What In-Store Shopping Could Look Like Post-Pandemic

What In-Store Shopping Could Look Like Post-Pandemic

As we slowly begin to see a world post-pandemic, we have to wonder what the future of retail will look like.

In the last year, retail went digital more than ever, but now as COVID-19 cases drop and malls start to open to the public, Canadians and Americans alike will be flocking to any mall for a change of pace. 

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Our reality of a post-pandemic retail experience is insight but will look different from what we’re used to seeing pre-COVID.  


Expect every store to have sanitizer on site. It may not be a mandatory aspect of in-store shopping, but it will be widely available. There have even been topics of discussions of if we are possibly raising our children as germaphobes. While we won’t know for sure the outcome of our children, we can be confident in saying thousands worldwide won’t stop using sanitizer anytime soon. 

More In-Depth Cleaning

In the last year, cleaning routines have become a priority as scientists ruled that the virus could last up to 24 hours on most surfaces. As a result, it will be necessary for employees to be aware and vigilant when cleaning stores with high conversion.

Store Capacities 

While store capacities have always been on the minds of retail owners, it has become even more prevalent in the last year to decrease the chances of overcrowding. As stores begin to return to normal, it’s clear that the capacities will still be of utmost importance.

Cashless Payments

While a cashless world would make it a lot easier, it doesn’t look like it’ll fully replace cash as a form of payment anytime soon. Millions prefer to use cash over cards to avoid racking up interest, avoid any charges and risk potential fraud.

Online Shopping

There will continue to be a push to shop online to create less traffic in-store. Companies will continue to push their e-commerce site because of the significant increase in sales it made in the past year. Online shopping created an easy way for customers who knew what they wanted to get within a few hours without entering stores. Online shopping will most likely be pushed on customers further throughout the holidays to avoid a potential increase in cases. 

Changing Rooms

We have seen many changing rooms be closed to shoppers in the last year, but it won’t be for long. Changing rooms affects store conversions and return rates and the odds of them remaining closed is highly unlikely. 

Everything Returns to Normal

In the possible likelihood that we all return to normal, take suit after Australia, that would be the ideal outcome. No masks required, socially distancing no longer a priority, and no more tense anxiety every time you step into a new store. Of course, this will depend on how we as a community work together towards the ultimate goal—a world where everything returns to the new normal.  

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