What is Semen Analysis, and why is it performed?

What is Semen Analysis, and why is it performed?

The reproduction process requires both the male and female to be completely fertile without any complications. To check the fertility in males, a process called semen analysis is done to check whether the sperms of the males are healthy enough based on its volume and quality. 

What is semen?

Semen is what is produced from a male’s body while ejaculating. It is made up of several male reproductive cells called sperms. Semen also contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help the sperm reach the woman’s egg successfully. There are other fluids as well that allow the sperm to smoothly complete its journey to the back of the vagina. 

Sperms have a unique shape that contributes significantly to the reproduction process. There are two main sections, and both have different properties. 

  • Head of the sperm– This is the starting portion of the sperm that first comes in contact with the woman’s eggs. This portion contains the generic features meaning the DNA to fertilize the eggs. This portion is responsible for the contribution in the genes from the male’s body.
  • The tail of the sperm– The tail is the ending portion of the sperm. This portion is very important in terms of traveling successfully till the woman’s eggs. The tail makes sure that the sperm can easily swim through all the fluids and reach the egg to complete the fertilization process. 

This is a fundamental outlook on sperm and its successful travel till the egg. However, people still get their semen analysed for various reasons. This is the method that happens in laboratories for accuracy. 

What is semen analysis?

When a semen analysis is done, various factors are checked like its shape, sperm count, sperm health, volume, shape, DNA, activity, speed, etc. These factors help in determining its efficiency when it comes to fertilizing the egg. For a precise analysis, there are multiple tests performed in fixed intervals of days. 

This is done because the sperm count varies every day and to get a clear picture of the health and efficiency of sperm. These multiple tests help in concluding an average sperm count of a male. 

How is sperm analysis conducted?

The semen test takes place by collecting a sample of the male’s sperm to have it examined and studied. There are many ways to effectively collect the sample to have it accurately tested. 

  • Masturbation and self-ejaculation
  • Intercourse with a condom
  • Intercourse with collecting samples prior to ejaculation
  • Ejaculation triggered by electricity

After successfully collecting the sample, make sure you store it at room temperature since the results will not be accurate if the sample gets hot or cold. Also, the test needs to take place within 60 minutes of collecting the sample to get precise results. This is strictly followed since various factors can tamper with the freshness of the collected sample, such as:

  • The semen may come in contact with spermicidal
  • Suppose you take the test when you are sick. This will affect the quality of the sample you collect, so it is advised to get your sperm tested when you are healthy and fit. 
  • There can be an unwanted error in the laboratories which is why it should be immediately tested. 
  • The sample can get contaminated if it is kept out for a long time and is not stored correctly. 

Why is a sperm analysis needed?

There are two main reasons to get a male’s sperm checked. They are mentioned below:

When a couple is trying to reproduce and trying to conceive a baby, there may be some abnormalities that can affect this process. At such times, the woman and man are both tested to check if there are any issues. 

This is when the male gets a sperm analysis done to check if there is a problem regarding his sperm count, sperm health, quality, volume, speed, shape, etc. This test is very important to check if the failure of getting pregnant is due to issues in the male.

Vasectomy is a process that is carried out in males. After a man undergoes the process of a vasectomy, they get their semen test to check whether there is any sperm left. This is a follow-up process to check if the vasectomy process is done successfully or not. 

Vasectomy is a process that is done to block the passage of sperm to avoid pregnancy, so there should be no sperm visible in the semen analysis

These are the main two reasons for getting semen analysed. This is a great use of technology and medical science since it helps to solve multiple pregnancy-related problems. If you are facing any issues in conceiving, then you should be considered getting the semen analysed. 

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