You Season 4: All You Need to Know

You Season 4: All You Need to Know

You are a TV series. Season 4 is the latest and greatest of the You phenomenon. It has been a long time since we have seen any new episodes, but it’s finally time for us to get back into that You vibe with season four. We’re going to talk about what You Season 4 entails. It comes out in 2019 and you can watch it when it does!

What is the release date of You Season 4?

We don’t know exactly when Season 4 of You will come out. But we can see what happened before and predict it will be like this time. In the first season, the show was on Lifetime, but now it is on Netflix. Season 2 of this show came out in December 2019. Season 3 took a long time to come out. It landed on Netflix in October 2021. There may have been some delays due to Covid. We don’t know when Season 4 will come back because we don’t have any information about it. We think that it could be in the Fall or Winter of 2022.

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What is the plot You Season 4?

In Season 3, Joe pretended to die. He made it seem like he killed himself and that Love killed him too. It was a pretend death. This means he is still alive.

In Paris, Joe saw a woman who looked like Marianne. It showed that she is still on his mind and the object of his obsession. In Season 3, Joe became more of an anti-hero instead of just a villain. In the movie, Love was made to seem unpredictable and impulsive. Victoria Pedretti did a great job of portraying this while still keeping Love human. We may even care for her, but then remember she might kill someone at any time.

The show has made it clear that Joe is not as self-aware as he thinks he is. He always shares true observations, but the show wants you to know that Joe does not see this. We don’t want to agree with a murderer, stalker, or weirdo. But usually, he is right about something. But by Season 3, when he starts talking about how Marianne will be his happy-ever-after, observant viewers should start to recognize the pattern.

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This man spent the whole time in Season 1 wanting to be with Guinevere Beck, but she did not want him. In Season 2 he wanted to be with Love Quinn, but she was a big liar. Even when he said he was “happy,” Joe Goldberg quickly moved on to the next thing. He might have been happy, but it didn’t last long. And maybe Marienne, in Season 4, will be one to finally realize that—outsmart him for good.

Who will be starring in You Season 4?

Penn Badgley will be Joe Goldberg, and Tati Gabrielle will be Marianne. They are in the fourth season of the show.

There are lots of people in Madre Linda. We probably won’t see Matthew Anger again. He is doing well with Theo. The same goes for Sherry and Cary, who are happy now that they have survived Joe/Love.

A character that might come back is Love’s mom. She has been troubled, and she could be even more troubled now that her twins are gone. Joe sent Ellie money all year. This means that he cares about her and she will come back to see him soon.

And just want to say this about the actress in the show, Guinevere Beck. She is dead in the show You. Her body was not seen so it may be alive. We never saw what happened, but it is still interesting to think about. You can decide if that is true or not.

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