Common Issues You Can Experience with a Bad Web Hosting Provider

Common Issues You Can Experience with a Bad Web Hosting Provider

You might encounter a few common issues when migrating your current site to a new hosting platform. These are usually related to downtime and display issues. This seemingly obvious aspect is also often forgotten along with regular cache clearing. Here are a couple of reminders and tips you will experience with your hosting provider.

The uploaded site only shows a “Coming Soon” page. After transferring a website to another web host via FTP or SSH, the content should be visible. Any issue can be caused by a couple of things, including an old version of a site, CDN, or host serving a cached version of the website, or the uploaded site is in the wrong place on the web hosting account.

Browser showing cached web content. Your browser might be storing temporary files and loading those instead of the updated content from the web host. This issue is relatively easy to fix – simply clear the browser’s cache. 

Host or CDN is loading a cached version of your site. The web host or perhaps the content delivery network (CDN) may be behind why the latest version of the site isn’t loading. You can check if this is the issue if you add a query at the page end –

Uploaded your site to the wrong place. While unusual, this does happen. You need to check two things, including whether your site is uploaded to the right folder on your hosting account. You should contact your host if you’re not sure or see common locations such as /www, /web, or /public_html

After you see the right folder, start moving your files and retry. If you can’t do it and need to reupload them to your web host, first remove the files from the wrong location. Leave nothing on the public server, as this will risk your site components and introduce security patch issues in the future.

My website was up and suddenly went down. If you made recent site changes, it’s possibly the reason your site is down.

If that’s not the case, there are usually two things that are causing it.

Your hosting company is experiencing downtime. Good web hosts and CDNs will show a status page for users to quickly see any issues without checking in with the support. 

Something with your domain name changed. The usual issue is the DNS settings. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s best to contact your hosting company to solve this issue.

My website doesn’t display any images. If your site images are missing, there are typically two likely reasons. First, the images may have failed to upload to your hosting account. You may quickly fix it by reuploading it.

Images in the wrong folder. To see where these images are supposed to be, right-click the area where the image should be on the site and select “open image in a new tab.” The opened tab will show you the URL and folder being used for media — move images into this directory to make them appear.

As you can see, multiple potential issues can be encountered when hosting websites. This is why startups and even older businesses should accomplish domain registration and web hosting with a good service provider.

If you’re a startup looking to get your physical store online for the first time, your next step is domain registration. A good registrar will offer expert support services along with competitive prices and premium features.

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