Pivoting: Season 1: Release Date, Plot and Star Cast

Sometimes life throws us a surprise that we never saw coming, even with our eyes open. When these surprises come, we have two choices: either face them head-on and try to catch them or duck out of the way and hope they don’t hit you.

If someone you loved died, it would be very bad.

The protagonist in the show “Pivoting” has unexpected things happen to them. The show will tell you about what happens when they do. But I’m not telling you now.

In November, we got a deal to make a show. We had to get two scripts for this show. Fox ordered the project in May and it will be on TV soon.

FOX ordered Season one of Pivoting. It is a new show about three women who are friends. Their friend dies and they have to live without him! The show airs in the middle of next year on FOX. There are three women. They are Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Maggie Q.

TV is a series that is on one camera. It makes the show more exciting. There are reports of people who like this series on the internet. I think this is a good TV show, and I think everyone will like it, no matter how old they are. This new show is about life lessons. It will be good to watch for people who want some laughs or someone who wants something light to do. We can find out more details online about the upcoming series.

What is the release date of Pivoting Season 1?

Season one of our show will start on FOX on 9 January 2022. There is not a specific release date for season one at this time. FOX has ordered 10 episodes and each episode will last for 30 minutes. This is the last pilot that needed to be approved by the network. It was supposed to be filmed last year, but because of the pandemic, filming was delayed. Now it looks like it will release in 2022’s midseason. You will see a good show.

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What is the plot of Pivoting Season 1?

The three main girls in this book find out that their friend has died. People say that life is short. This passage talks about people who are trying to find happiness. They make a lot of decisions that are not good, but they still want to be happy. Making these bad decisions means their life is messed up in the end.

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The show is set in a town. It is called Long Island. There are funny parts to the show. They are about something sad, like when someone dies.

Instead of taking small steps and dealing with grief, Amy, Jodie, and Sarah decide that now is the best time to chase happiness.

Well, we will have to watch the show to see if it is the best course.

Who will be starring in Pivoting Season 1?

Amy is the producer of a cooking show. She wants to spend more time with her two kids but she does not know much about parenting. Her husband Henry will be played by Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings). Tommy Dewey (Casual) will play the next character in the movie. He is a private contractor.

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The second of the three best friends was announced in May. Ginnifer Goodwin will be playing Jodie, a mother of three and a wife who tries to get away from her husband. He has an affair with the gym trainer. They are played by JT Neal.

There was a new casting announcement in December. Maggie Q is going to play Sarah, who divorced her wife because the wife had an affair. Now she is looking for some joy in life after being so sad for so long.

Fox’s Pivoting is going to be on TV on Sunday, January 9th at 8:30/7:30 central. But the new comedy series will have a different time slot that won’t be announced until later.

Who’s in charge of Pivoting?

Liz Astrof is the creator, producer, and writer for Pivoting. She also wrote for 2 Broke Girls, The King of Queens, Last Man Standing and Raising Hope.

She is working with Aaron Kaplan from his Kapital Entertainment production company, as well as Dana Honor.

Tristram Shapeero is going to make a show for TV. Warner Bros and Fox are also going to help make it.

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