Platinum End Anime Release Date: All Details Revealed

Platinum End Anime Release Date: All Details Revealed

Platinum End is set in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization has been destroyed by an unknown event. The only hope of this society’s survival is to have children with special abilities called “Altereds.” These Altereds are kept under strict surveillance by a governing body called “The System,” but there are those who want to change this system for the better. Stay tuned for more updates about the Platinum end anime release date!

What is the release date of Platinum End Anime?

The people who make ‘Platinum End’ have not given us the release date yet. It will be in October 2021. It is not yet known how many episodes this season of the animated series will have.

The story of the TV series and web series is being written by a talented man. The opening song for the show and the closing theme has not been revealed to the audience yet.


What is the plot of Platinum End Anime?

The main story of ‘Platinum End’ is about Mirai Kakehashi. Mirai did not have the normal life that a high schooler should. Instead, he was sad and full of sorrow. Mirai’s parents died when he was a baby. He was being raised by his uncle and aunt, but they were not very nice to him. They would beat him very often. Mirai does not have the desire to live anymore. He decides to commit suicide by putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

Mirai is saved by a guardian angel. Mirai’s parents are killed by his uncle and aunt. Mirai uses the powers he got from the guardian angel to get revenge for his parents. She is sad when he hears that God will retire in 1,000 days. Mirai was chosen to replace God.

The ‘Platinum End’ story is about trying to live against powerful people who are trying to kill the candidates chosen to replace God. Mirai, with the help of Nesse, tries to do as much as he can to survive and win. But since luck has never been on his side, he does not seem to have any hope about winning this deadly and dangerous competition.

What can we expect?

In a world where teenagers are struggling with unknown supernatural situations, MiraiKakehashi is a junior high student who lost his parents. He lives with relatives now and has to go to school every day in HELL.

He was so sad, he tried to kill himself. MiraiKakehashi wanted everything to go back to normal. But an angel called Nasse saved him and gave him some special powers. He goes into a contest with 12 other people who want to become the next GOD! This is because their current God is going to retire after 999 days. Mirai must try his best to defeat all the enemies and become the next dog.


Who will be starring in Platinum End Anime?

  • MiyuIrino as MiraiKakehashi
  • M.A.O as Saki Hanakago
  • Yui Ogura as Nasse
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as NanatoMukaidō
  • NatsukiHanae as Revel
  • Ai Kayano as Baret

As time goes by, we will see more and more cast members. We will update the list as new people come to the show.

What is the information related to Platinum End Anime?

Fans of ‘Platinum End’ are very excited that it is going to be adapted into an animated television and web series. It is originally a Japanese manga comic series, written by TsugumiOhba. Tsukimi Ohba is the manga artist who created this book called “Death Note.” Takeshi Obata drew the pictures for this comic. The ‘Platinum End’ manga comic series began printing in the magazine, Monthly Jump Square, which was created by Shueisha. This happened in November of 2015. Starting in February of 2021, the ‘Platinum End’ manga comic series has been made into fourteen separate volumes. Because it became so popular, the manga comic series is rumored to be adapted into an anime!

On December 19th, 2021, the people who make the comic series Platinum End announced that they will make an animated television and web series. This TV show will be directed by Hideya Takahashi. The series will be produced by Signal M.D. Productions, which is made up of talented artists like Koji Odate, who will design the characters in the series. This year, a show called ‘Platinum End’ will be shown on TV. It will be broadcasted worldwide on channels such as TBS TV, MBS TV, SUN TV, Tokyo MX, BS11, BS NTV, and AT – X. Many web and TV platforms will stream this Anime.

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