Why ‘Malignant’ Failed To Rock The Box Office

Why ‘Malignant’ Failed To Rock The Box Office

Malignant, the latest horror film by director Malin Akerman, has been a flop at the box office. Malignant failed to rock the box office- Here’s why Malignant is not living up to expectations.

What is the information related to  ‘Malignant’ Failed?

This movie, Malignant, has just made $5.57 million this weekend. That was a bad total for a new horror film from the guy who made “The Conjuring”, “Insidious” and “Saw”. But it is about as many as all those other studios that make movies like this. Released in late 2019 or early 2020. As a result, the marketing was a little weird and people didn’t know about this movie much. This is the biggest “one for me” movie I have seen in a long time. It’s hard to believe that they are using this excuse again, but we’ve heard it before.

Most movies that are just for adults, like Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, and Martin Scorsese’s Silence tend to not do well at the box office. I was hoping for two long years ago that the movie Malignant would make the horror genre of movies different. It would be good if people could see him as a famous director in that type of movie. This might have happened in a non-Covid time. I will be very curious to see HBO Max data and share it with you. I hope that people who like horror movies watched this over the weekend and liked it.

At worst, this $40 million horror movie is really scary. It has a lot of violence in it. You might not want to see it if you are easily scared. I do not think that this will be good for kids. And if Wan wants to go crazy and do something new, but he needs protection from the law, then we can always use The Trench. The Malignant box office was bad and is a tragedy. However WB and friends gave Warner Bros. a big budget and much oversight, which is why Chris Nolan may want to bring his A-bomb film to Warner Bros. Rather than risking being in danger, he should go somewhere where he can have more control.

What can we expect from ‘Malignant’?

In other news, a movie called The Card Counter opened in theaters over the weekend. It was at 580 locations. Writer/director Paul Schrader’s newest movie earned $1.1 million over its debut Fri-Sun weekend. This is not good, but it would not have broken out if everything was normal. Even First Reformed, which got rave reviews and had some award-season buzz, earned only $3.4 million in the summer of 2018. The Card Counter is a good movie. It’s not like Rounders, but it is pretty good. I think that Comcast will have it on their video on demand in a few weeks, so you can watch it then.

In other news not about the movie  Shang-Chi,  Free Guy continued to be a success. It earned $35 million in the US and $71 million worldwide for a total of 146 million dollars or 258 million dollars. The new Ryan Reynolds/Jodie Comer movie did well. It earned $5.54 million in its fifth weekend, which is less than the previous weekend by about 38%. And it did good in China too. It earned $76.3 million after only dropping 33% in its third weekend there. The film earned $6.9 million in its second week of shows before it shows a 33% drop in its third week. That means the movie could make over $100 million in China. It is the third-biggest Hollywood release in China this year, after Godzilla Vs. Kong and F9.

The movie No Time To Die just got approval, but we should remember that Spectre earned $83 million out of its $881 million global cume in China. The movie Free Guy has earned $276.5 million worldwide, putting it (among 2020/2021 releases) behind only A Quiet Place part II ($298 million). These are some movies that have been made. They all cost a lot of money. The movie Free Guy will probably be the third-highest-grossing movie this week. It has earned $258 million so far, but it is being followed by two other movies: Quiet Place 2 and Sonic.

 What are the budget disadvantages during Malignant?

Universal and MGM’s Candyman earned $4.83 million in its third week for a total of $48.032 million in the US. This movie will make more money than the other movies. It has made $59.3 million so far, and it is about to make $75 million more. Universal might be using this movie to raise the grosses of Peacock. This movie is getting released on the same day as Halloween Kills.

Jungle Cruise will make $2.445 million in the United States and $197 million worldwide. That is a lot of money in the U.S., but not much overseas for a movie that costs $200 million to make. I hope that our new movie, Jungle Cruise 2, will be like the first one. It will be good for us if it is. The first one earned $34,500,000 in the US and $70 million worldwide. Sony’s $10 million-budgeted Don’t Breathe 2 has earned $30 million from the United States and $44 million from other countries. M. Night Shyamalan’s Old has earned 4,91x its budget from all over the world.

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